Our philosophy

Because an office is a key vector for any business, David Pastor, LNB’s founding director, backed by Stéphane Moity and Daniel Guerin, places each company at the heart of our operation.

Since we spend half our lives in our professional environment, LNB selects unique work spaces in the most attractive, active neighborhoods at the heart Paris to offer you optimal mobility.

The meeting of three people who love beautiful buildings

LNB is primarily a human adventure. That of three men with complementary talents each passionate about prestigious older buildings including David Pastor, an expert in large-scale renovations, Daniel Guerin, director of a heritage real estate company for 35 years and Stéphane Moity, an investor who has been advising companies for 20 years.

Together they form the base of a new initiative to offer companies services and reinvent the coworking model in a modular, ultra-flexible, innovative style.

Their credo? Make companies’ lives easier by freeing them up from tedious tasks: looking for office space, dealing with administrative paperwork, fitting out an office or managing everyday operational needs.

Our mission

Conscious of the need to be supple and simplify administrative paperwork when a company moves to a quality office space, LNB rethinks rental codes and office spaces by welcoming companies in the best conditions by offering a clear, transparent package.

There’s no need to worry about square-meter rentals or 3/6/9 leases, LNB offers contemporary solutions that free tenants up from the many restrictions associated with managing a workspace. This accompaniment is David Pastor’s strength since he is convinced that moving into a comfortable office space without having to deal with logistics will increase companies’ creativity, performance, well-being and efficiency.

Each day he is committed to bringing this dimension to life and offering truly functional offices in unusual places to validate a company’s activity with prospective clients.

LNB in a few words

  • LNB changes collaborative work codes
  • A broad range of high-end establishments
  • Professional and dynamic teams at your side
  • Already over 20 tenant companies

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